Battery Technology Company Changing The World With A New Brand Story & Website

Soteria is a consortium for the battery industry dedicated to solutions for the root cause of battery events enabling products to be powered by inherently safe battery cells.


Soteria has innovative ideas, concepts, and technologies that they wanted to share with the battery industry and the world but were not quite sure how to deliver their messaging. The original Soteria website was also missing the mark on effective copy and esthetically pleasing design. Their technology is the main highlight but was not being shown or communicated effectively within the website. As Soteria grew quickly and was gaining traction within the industry, they knew they needed to update their messaging to be a thought leader in their space.


Evolve Global Marketing worked to create a clear and concise brand message that adequately conveys their mission and services the Soteria consortium has to offer. With a unique positioning statement as the only consortium for the battery industry that is dedicated to solutions for root causes of battery safety events, Soteria could focus on distributing the message to the world. Once the brand messaging was finalized, our team was able to get to work on creating a modern and sleek website with a great user experience layout. The Evolve team also created html coded animations for the Soteria website to effectively communicate the differences in technology. With new messaging, a modern website, and high tech animations, Soteria is ready to change the world!


Website Design and Development
Website Animation

Slide the bar to view BEFORE & AFTER of the website.

Website BEFORE Evolve Global Marketing

Website AFTER Evolve Global Marketing

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