Leveraging the Power of Story & Design for an Organization Effectiveness Consultancy Firm

Cascade Leadership helps top executives and their teams deliver transformational growth and accelerated performance within their organizations. They came to us wanting to use the StoryBrand framework to create their brand messaging and re-do their website. Organizations like Cascade Leadership work with Fortune 500 companies and their leadership team, so their brand messaging and design needed to resonate with their impressive target audience. Even more, Cascade Leadership wanted their messaging and design to reflect the true identity of the brand; a cascade. Their complex needs made for a challenging and exciting project for the Evolve Global Marketing team, as we needed to use our familiar story-based messaging proven framework and design elements while also tapping into our creativity to create an end result that had all of the components our clients wanted: a clear and concise message that reflects who they are and what they do, a feeling of excellence that represents their top-grade clientele, and a design that ties it all together with sleek elements and impressive imagery.


Brand refresh for an organization effectiveness consultancy headed by three incredible leaders. The biggest challenge for us was creating a brand identity that represented all three owners and driving consensus between them with a clear message and design.


Cascade Leadership was ecstatic about the outcome of working with Evolve Global Marketing, as it has resulted in a full brand refresh that fully reflects their name, brand, and mission in their messaging and website. Starting with the StoryBrand framework and our brand identity strategy, we created messaging that concisely articulates who they are and what they do to any potential clients. Importantly, we were able to create one consistent message that all three founders agreed upon and that resonated with their impressive clientele. Their logo, brand design, and website design builds upon this, drawing inspiration from their name and using imagery that is professional, elegant, and representative of who they are.


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