Nation-Wide True Crime Podcast That Required A LinkedIn Presence For Recruiting

Audiochuck is a true crime podcast you can count on for compelling storytelling, consistent content, and regular opportunities to participate in advocacy initiatives. They are consistently setting the standard for how true crime podcasting is presented in the marketplace: From the cases that are picked, the meticulous research, fact checking, investigating that is done, the unmatched sound design using the highest quality production in the industry, to the intentional way these stories are released and brought to the world sets them apart. Because they are continually raising the bar and elevating the way they tell stories, engage with the audience and give back to communities, they require the best and brightest professionals in the industry.


Audiochuck has an amazing national presence as one of the top True Crime Podcast producers. Because of their fast growing popularity and expansion into more podcast shows, they were ready to kick off a recruiting strategy to help fulfill their growing needs. They knew they wanted to utilize LinkedIn for recruiting professionals to their team but needed help getting the messaging and identity of the business solidified and then effectively communicated on this particular social channel.


Evolve Global Marketing collaborated with the Audiochuck team and founder to solidify a brand identity that amplified the way they are constantly disrupting their own industry. Once the Brand Identity was clear, then Evolve Global Marketing curated messaging that was tailored to their goal of recruiting and attracting the best and brightest professionals in the industry to apply and work for Audiochuck. From the Brand Messaging for recruiting we were able to curate an in depth LinkedIn Strategy Playbook for their marketing and human resource teams to implement to attract the exact talent they need to keep growing and achieving their business goals.


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