Medical Company and Service Provider With Two Target Audiences That Come Together Into a Cohesive Story-Based Brand Message

Say hello to Mind and Mobility, a Florida-based medical business now bringing comprehensive in-home care and restorative therapy to seniors across the country. Mateo Martinez, their CEO and President, reached out to us with a passion for storytelling and a need to communicate two distinct business personas to both seniors – and their loved ones.


As Mind and Mobility has grown, they’ve expanded from simply providing in-home services to delivering a holistic approach to senior care – one focused on not just treating the physical ailment, but also looking at the way seniors interact with their environment – and move through life. But how do you create specific sales pages with clear messaging that directs customers to these two areas? It’s a challenge that so many of our clients bring to us: how do you communicate and sell two distinct sides of your business?


We went to work building new website copy for both the home and landing pages. The key was putting one clear message on the homepage and then housing individualized messages within the various pages. At the same time, we developed new messaging strategy that clarified how the Mind and Mobility team communicates with their customers: not just speaking to the senior, but also to the complex issues that their loved ones face. For relatives, spouses, and children that don’t want to put these seniors in a home, Mind and Mobility can help provide a winning solution.


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