How an innovative posture device creator found their message – by trusting the power of storytelling.

What happens when a beautiful website…isn’t working for you?

Good posture isn’t just a habit, it’s a lifestyle. And Jeanie Pollack, the genius behind the posture genie, is committed to just that: helping people improve their posture to help them look and feel taller – with products that really are amazing (we know, we tried them!). Jeanie has worked with big names throughout her career, including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, so she’s all about results. And that’s just what she came to the Evolve team for, showing us an absolutely beautiful website – that simply wasn’t working for them. We put on our creative hats and went to work. We sat with their team and walked through the whole brand identity and messaging process, and saw that our first move was to dial in their ideal customer profile. We would focus on their core audience group: women. What’s more, we would limit their message to the essentials: improving posture, simple to use, and made for women by women.


It all came down to one thing: they were trying to say too many things at once. They were so close to their product that they found themselves broadcasting every possible benefit they could imagine, rather than honing in on the most important issues women face with their posture. In short, the messaging was off.


The result was a much more compelling website experience, and a powerful sell for the audience that really mattered. The team was so excited by the new website that they hired Evolve for another six months of strategic work, including the development of sales funnels and enhanced social media strategy. Today, their website, not to mention all their customer messaging, is simpler, easier to understand, and getting fantastic results.


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