Building a better messaging platform – and a better connection to customers.

Construction Consulting provides expert coaching programs to help contractors implement the right business systems to become successful. Bryan’s team came to Evolve Global Marketing for support in creating an automated sales funnel to power enrollment in their programs, but as we spoke with them, we saw a unique opportunity to pivot on their messaging – and really connect with their audience.


With programs designed to help remodelers and custom homebuilders create profitable and efficient businesses for themselves, the messaging strategy was oriented around the concept of business systems. But we realized that these contractors needed to understand on an emotional level how Construction Consulting could empower them to truly know their numbers, make what they’re worth, and reach real profitability. So as we went to work on a powerful set of sales tools for Bryan’s team, we also shifted the messaging to communicate what was really important to potential clients.


While successfully creating a full funnel automated sales system for Construction Consulting including a custom video sales landing page (VSL), using tools that include Squarespace, Kajabi, and Infusionsoft (now Keap®), we also built a brand new messaging strategy that hit the nail on the head as it went to the heart of what contractors and homebuilders were really looking for, and the results to date have been incredible now that their new message is landing home within their audience.


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