Financial Course Landing Pages and Email Automation Created for Investment Advisory Services.

Peace of Mind Wealth Management specializes in working with pre-retirees and retirees, requiring assistance with transitioning into retirement, rolling over their qualified retirement plans or assistance with a pension, creating a distribution plan, as well as improving upon their existing retirement plan. Evolve Global Marketing enhanced with a thoughtfully crafted landing page and a robust automation campaign, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for their valued clients.


With a focus on creating landing pages and implementing automated sales funnels for Peace of Mind Wealth Management’s financial courses, our challenge lay in the marketing realm. We aimed to design a strategy that not only attracted participants but also streamlined the enrollment process, ensuring it was effortless and user-friendly. Our mission was to overcome marketing hurdles, optimize the registration journey, and make signing up for financial courses an intuitive and uncomplicated experience for every participant.


With Evolve Global Marketing’s strategic expertise, Peace of Mind Wealth Management successfully overcame the challenge of complex retirement transitions. The collaboration resulted in the creation of a highly effective landing page and a meticulously designed automation campaign.


Automated Sales Funnel
Email Automation

Event Registration Landing Page

Email Automation

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