An Educational & Retail Wine Start Up Going To Market With A Powerful Brand Message, Brand Visual, and Website

Great Legs Wine is an on-demand education platform for wine lovers who want to learn, taste, and experience new varieties from around the world all from the comfort of their own home.


Great Legs Wine is a start-up company by a wine enthusiast who saw a need in the market of wine education and retail for a learn from home program. This new start-up brand was just a concept and the start of a brilliant idea, but had no messaging, brand visuals, or website to begin with. The founder knew she needed to find a creative team that could help Great Legs Wine go to market with creative branding and messaging that equaled the innovative ideas the company was built on


Evolve Global Marketing collaborated with the founder of Great Legs Wine to solidify a message as unique as the offering, becoming the only on-demand education platform for wine lovers in the US who want to learn, taste, and experience new varieties as they travel the world in a bottle of wine. And once the brand message was created, our team was able to get to work on eye-catching brand visuals, such as logos, beautiful color palettes, and social images for the brand. The website was the next to be tackled and our team understood the assignment. By incorporating the esthetically pleasing brand visuals and also optimizing the site for user experience, the Great Legs Wine website was ready for market and launch of this amazing brand!


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