StoryBrand for a Luxury Couture E-commerce Brand

Hestia Living is a high-end brand that sells luxury hand-crafted marquetry tabletop accessories to interior designers and luxury boutiques. Hestia’s main products are individually crafted artisanal mats and coasters. They came to us needing to clarify their brand messaging for Hestia Living and their new line of elegant printed tablemats and coasters for everyday use.  We started off by creating new brand messaging, incorporating aspects of story-based messaging while staying true to their unique brand personality. While we love StoryBrand, not every brand needs the full 7-part framework. So, when creating their Brand Identity Guide, brochure, automated sales funnel, and sales landing page copy, we kept our StoryBrand principles in mind while tailoring our process so that their branding perfectly fit their needs. Once we finished the strategy and copy, we moved on to finish with design and development, still keeping in mind their unique positioning and story needs. We loved working with Hestia Living to make their new branding as memorable as their products!


Build brand identity and assets to develop a sister company of a high-end luxury brand.


Hestia Living now has impactful new brand messaging and design in their brochure, automated sales funnel, and website sales page, all reflective of their beautiful designs and unique new brand.


Brand Development & Rebranding
Brand Style Guides
Story-Based Messaging
Marketing Collateral
Website Design & Development
Sales Landing Page
Email Automations
Sales Funnels

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