Messaging for an eCommerce Brand Spreading Positivity

Ase Today is on a mission to spread positivity and empower and uplift the world. When the owner of Ase Today came to us, she had a t-shirt line that focused on empowering the Black community with positive messages. She knew what she was going to sell and why she wanted to sell it, but she didn’t know how to create her website in a way that communicated it all to potential customers. When we first met with her, we explained to her the power of storytelling and how the StoryBrand framework can help turn a business into a true brand. It all clicked, and that’s when we decided to work together to help her turn her business into a brand by tapping into the power of storytelling.


Communicate how Ase Today is more than just a t-shirt company, it is a company focused on spreading positivity and empowerment through their products. Create brand messaging that reflects their mission and clearly articulates to potential customers why they should buy from Ase Today. Finally, we needed to help Ase Today define their brand identity so that they could have a true brand, not just a logo.


After hours of brainstorming and iterating with Ase Today, we came up with a concept that would help their customers share their mission and turn Ase Today into a brand. While Ase Today already had their t-shirts created, we came up with the idea of positive affirmation cards that came free with the t-shirt. Customers could give these cards to their friends after purchasing a t-shirt — this would help spread the word of Ase Today and spread more positive messages and empowerment, satisfying their mission. This was one of many ways we helped Ase Today become a true brand. We started with the StoryBrand framework and defined their brand identity, and then developed the concept of the positive affirmation cards. Ase Today loved every bit of the process and the end result.


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