Clarifying the #1 Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm’s Brand Messaging

First National Realty Partners’ (FNRP) mission is to provide everyday accredited investors with access to real estate assets that were originally available only to institutional investors. FNRP is the best in the business and already had someone running their marketing, but they knew that to be effective, they needed to clarify their messaging using the power of storytelling. When clients come to us with a very complex or technical offering that their clients struggle to make sense of, we know exactly how to help: Our full brand identity process. So, we took them through that process, which includes the 7-part StoryBrand framework. Working with them to clearly define what they do, the problem they solve for their customers, and how their customers win when they work with them, we refined their brand messaging and created one consistent message. Then, we pulled it all together in a brand guide and wrote their website homepage copy so they could implement their new message and be truly effective in their future marketing efforts.


Clarify the brand message for a complicated and technical commercial real estate investment firm. The messaging needed to illustrate the complexity and detail of work, but it also needed to make sense to their potential target audience.


FNRP was overjoyed with everything that we did with them. We took the complicated technical jargon and made it relatable and memorable for their exclusive high-net-worth investors.


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