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Humanity is all about learning. The Ed Tech industry is booming: “it is expected to reach over 230 Billion U.S. dollars by 2028”; what better way to get involved in Ed Tech than having your own online course platform.

The need to improve and master a skill is in demand. Learning new skills creates options and joy! If you’re knowledgeable at something and would like to share this to this ever-growing market, then you’re in the right place.

LearnDash is a software that can help you build out and succeed in selling online courses. Not interested in LearnDash? In another article we’ve compiled a list of online course platforms with a how-to create your online course from idea to marketing to launch.

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a Learning Management System (LMS). An online course platform that runs off of WordPress – meaning you can easily build and sell your courses from your WordPress website.

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that allows you to design and administer a variety of online courses and learning materials. Using structures practiced in Fortune 500 companies, the platform uses tiers that include courses, lessons, sections, topics, and quizzes for you to be able to create the best courses possible for your members.

A multitude of options come with LearnDash: custom labels, and add-ons, the platform is customizable and flexible, making it easy to create whatever is just right for you. Not only can you create courses for others, but you can take courses yourself to learn new skills. LearnDash is also mobile-friendly, so you can access your courses on the go. Best of all, LearnDash is free to use.

How to Use LearnDash?

First of all, you’ll need to have a WordPress website. If you don’t have one, consider building your website as a DIY project or hire a professional web designer that’s knowledgeable in marketing – especially in Storybrand marketing. Learn how Storybrand marketing can help your business.

Installing LearnDash is as simple as pressing “Add New Plugin”. LearnDash comes with an Onboarding Wizard that guides you through setting up your platform, adding necessary plugins, customizing your settings, and getting you ready to start creating your own online courses and quizzes. In terms of setting up the platform, all you have to do is validate your purchase license, decide on course styles, and choose whether you want to charge for the courses and you’re good to go.

To style your online courses to match your company’s brand you’ll want to do a bit of CSS customizing or let your web developer tackle the job. Once you’ve branded your courses, selling your courses should run smoothly.

Why Should You Consider LearnDash for Your Business?

As an LMS, LearnDash provides many benefits for both you and your business. First and foremost, it saves you money. Additionally, it provides consistency and flexibility, allows you to save time, and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the interactions your learners have with your courses.

Pros of LearnDash

One benefit that is especially important when it comes to learning is consistency. Due to the technology rooted in learning management systems, LearnDash provides the same information within a course or lesson to every learner. In addition to the consistency LearnDash delivers, another benefit of LearnDash is its flexibility. You can create lessons and courses whenever it works best for you, and you can learn whenever and wherever without schedules or obligations.

Because LearnDash works around your schedule, the time you save grows exponentially. The need to communicate and figure out times that work across multiple schedules is no longer necessary. All information and schedules are located in the same place and are easily accessible.

Along with access to schedules and documents, LearnDash also provides access to data regarding your courses, including when learners actively access and use your material, how long they are participating in the courses and lessons, specific areas of the course that learners are struggling with, and even where they’re accessing the content from. Not only does LearnDash equip you with data and information about your users’ interactions with the content, but it shows you information about your trainers, such as how much work they put into the lessons. LearnDash is also able to suggest which trainer should replace an employee should that employee ever leave.

LearnDash also allows for easier prioritization and better course engagement. Using this platform, there is no pressure to finish a course or lesson before an important meeting or deadline. With the flexibility of LearnDash, learners can access and use the course content whenever is convenient for them, allowing them to be able to prioritize what’s most important at the moment. Due to the customizable and interactive nature of the platform, users tend to be more likely to engage with your content, whether it be quizzes, forums, or other user experience-designed elements.

Cons of LearnDash

Of course, nothing comes without faults. Despite the many customizable features, certain aspects of the platform are fairly limiting. Features such as the payment and membership options are particularly restricting within LearnDash. More specifically, there are no options for free trials or discounts for one-time purchases. Additionally, LearnDash doesn’t allow you to make certain features available only for learners with a certain membership or account. In order to access these aspects, you would need to add various plugins to the platform.


Overall, LearnDash is a great solution for people and businesses who are looking for an easy way to improve their skills or provide a way for others to learn. With immense amounts of flexibility and customization, LearnDash is a great platform for both instructor and student, and is definitely worth considering.

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