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What is a disruptive brand and how can you become one?

Every so often, a new buzz word or phrase comes out and then all of a sudden it seems like everyone is using it. “Disruptive Brand” is one of those phrases.

But what is “disruptive brand”? On the exterior it’s a brand that disrupts – easy! Though, there is a lot more that goes into this phrase. Let’s learn what it means and how your business can benefit from disruptive branding.

Let’s get started!

What is a disruptive brand?

A disruptive brand is one that challenges the status quo and upends traditional category conventions. These brands are often unapologetic in their mission to stand out from the pack, and they don’t shy away from courting controversy. Disruptive brands are often disruptive in both their marketing and their product offerings. They’re not afraid to be different, and they’re always looking for new ways to get noticed. In a world where traditional advertising is increasingly being ignored, disruptive brands are leading the way in finding creative new ways to reach consumers. Whether it’s through guerilla marketing or social media campaigns, disruptive brands know how to get people talking. And that’s what ultimately separates them from the rest of the pack.

Examples of Disruptive Brand

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of brands that are considered to be disruptive. These are brands that challenge the status quo and offer something new and different. Some well-known examples of disruptive brands include Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon. These brands have all disrupted traditional businesses, such as taxi services, hotel accommodations, and retail shopping.

For example, before Uber, the way to get a ride from one place to another was to transport yourself (drive, bike, walk), take public transit, or hail a cab. To get a cab, you either had to call one and wait for them to come, go to a taxi booth, or hail one on the side of the road. Taxis were viewed as expensive ways of travel and for most people, weren’t a common way to travel. With Uber, people can now just enter their location and usually within a few minutes, their ride arrives. It’s understood to be cheaper and more convenient than a taxi and it has completely changed the taxi industry and users.

This is a great case study of a disruptive brand, as it has changed the industry and has also had a major impact on the way that consumers interact with the industry. In many cases, disruptive brands have been able to provide a more convenient, affordable, and user-friendly experience for consumers. As a result, they have quickly gained popularity and become leaders in their respective industries.

How to Become a Disruptive Brand

Being a disruptive brand means thinking outside the box and being willing to take risks. If you’re looking to make your mark and stand out from the crowd, here are 10 tips to help get you started:

  1. Know your audience. You need to know what needs and wants your target market has and find ways to fill those needs and wants.
  2. Be unique. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the pack and do things differently. This doesn’t mean that you have to go against the grain for the sake of being different, but it does mean that you should find ways to set yourself apart from the competition.
  3. Innovate. Disruptive brands are often at the forefront of product innovation. They’re always looking for new ways to shake up the status quo and provide something new and different for consumers.
  4. Be bold. Disruptive brands aren’t afraid to take risks, and this can be seen in both their marketing and product offerings. They’re not afraid of controversy and they’re always looking for new ways to get noticed.
  5. Be authentic. One of the keys to success for disruptive brands is authenticity. Consumers can see through brands that are trying too hard to be disruptive, so make sure that your brand is true to itself at all times.
  6. Be disruptive in your marketing. In order to get people talking, you need to use creative and innovative marketing tactics. Disruptive brands are experts at this, so take some cues from them and come up with some original ideas of your own.
  7. Be disruptive in your product offerings. In addition to being disruptive in your marketing, you also need to be disruptive in your product offerings. Find ways to shake up traditional category conventions and provide something new and different for consumers.
  8. Be customer-centric. Disruptive brands always put the customer first and make sure that they’re providing a valuable experience that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.
  9. Embrace change. Disruptive brands are constantly evolving and innovating, so you need to be prepared for change if you want to succeed as one.
  10. Stay flexible. The ability to pivot and change course quickly is crucial for any disruptive brand, maybe you may need to rebrand to become a disruptive brand.

While these tips can help you along your way, in reality, a successful disruptive brand starts with a creative idea. And not only do you need a unique brand, but you also need to market this brand accordingly and effectively. After all, you could have an amazing product and the potential to truly disrupt the market…but if nobody knows who you are and nobody understands what you do, it will be hard to reach your true potential.

Why is being a disruptive brand good?

Being a disruptive brand can have some major benefits for your business goals. First of all, it can help you stand out from the competition. In a world where there are so many choices, being memorable is crucial. And what’s more disruptive than a company that’s doing things differently? Secondly, it can help you tap into new markets. If you’re shaking up the status quo, you’re bound to attract attention from people who are looking for something fresh and different. Finally, it can help you build a community of loyal fans. People who are drawn to your brand because of its unique perspective are likely to stick around for the long haul. So if you’re looking to achieve your business goals, being a disruptive brand may be the way to go.

In conclusion, a disruptive brand is one that breaks through the clutter and stands out from its competitors. Disruptive brands are often trailblazers in their industry, setting trends instead of following them. If you’re looking to become a disruptive brand, start by thinking outside the box and taking risks with your branding strategy. Don’t be afraid to be different – in fact, that’s what will make you successful. Being a disruptive brand can benefit your business goals by helping you stand out from the competition and attract more customers. So go ahead and experiment with your branding strategy – maybe even give yourself a full rebrand – you might just end up with a winning formula.

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