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Only 25% of new businesses find success in the long term. This may sound like a scary figure, but there are several actionable steps that you can take today to become part of the businesses that make it.

Creating a StoryBrand sales funnel design can help you take your customers through the purchase process with a top-notch story-based user experience. Read on to learn about audience connection through an automated sales funnel design.

How Does a Sales Funnel Work?

Sales funnels are visual representations of customer journeys. Their stages are awareness, interaction, interest, and action.

A lot of people begin in the awareness stage by learning that your brand and product exist. However, fewer will interact with your content, and even fewer will become interested. Only a very small number will ultimately take action and make a purchase.

Implementing a well-thought-out sales funnel design makes it easier for you to take customers from the moment that they learn about your brand to the moment that they make a purchase. A mapped-out sales funnel that focuses your efforts on concrete, small steps. Taking them through these simple but straightforward steps creates happy customers. They will also likely recommend your brand to new people and make referrals.

You also will have the chance to monitor those moving through the sales funnel. This lets you see which demographics get the furthest down your sales funnel and better understand your target audience. You can also see if a disproportionate number of people bounce at a particular stage so that you know what to improve.

StoryBrand - Sales Funnel Design

Why Build With StoryBrand?

Creating your sales funnel design with StoryBrand is the best option for business owners looking to optimize their sales processes. You save time and money since you won’t need to learn how to build your own sales funnels with an email platform, tech integrations, design, copywriting, and more nerdy stuff I could talk about for days.

When you invest in a StoryBrand sales funnel, you get access to our team with 25+ years of marketing strategy that understands how to design sales funnels that work. Our StoryBrand experts know how to create systems that follow proven sales funnel frameworks. These strategies have converted leads to sales in the past in multiple industries for many clients.

Once they assemble a system that takes users through all sales funnel stages, you can increase your revenue with more ease and better data. People will have a better user experience so that you can connect with them more easily.

Ultimately, we prioritize user research, optimization based on data, buying psychology, and how people make connections. You’ll connect with those that are most interested in your services so that you can find leads and turn a profit.

Are Sales Funnels Customized?

Many companies will copy and paste their sales funnel design from other businesses into your sales strategy. However, this is not true of StoryBrand. Your sales funnel will be completely customized to fit your target audience’s desires, values, and pain points.

We use a marketing strategy call with all of our clients. This lets us understand how we can help you reach the demographics that matter most. After that, we’ll write all your email sequences, from lead nurture to sales emails. We then create and automate the entire setup of your funnel.

After that, we help design a sales landing page to which your emails will connect. This takes your visitors to the end of the sales funnel because the landing page generates action. Find leads with an email form and drive sales by linking to relevant products and services.

You also will get support for two weeks after setup. You can get a StoryBrand BrandScript, unique positioning, a social launch plan, and even a content masterplan playbook. We do all the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax as leads start coming in.

How to Design Sales Funnels

Benefits of an Automated StoryBrand Sales Funnel Design

StoryBrand sales funnels take the user through a cohesive narrative. Each stage is connected to the previous one. This is the best way to make a sales funnel work because the user wants to take clear small steps on their journey toward action.

You prioritize consistent messages when you grow your business using an automated sales funnel design based on the StoryBrand. We’ll help you to come up with clearly-worded emails that tell your audience how you can resolve their pain points. Together, we help you create a consistent brand voice that makes a connection with readers.

The art of building these connections is challenging. We will help you see what users you connect with in the sales journey. A clear message generates leads that can convert to new sales. This enables you to draw in users that are more likely to make it through the entire sales funnel and purchase products from you.

Because we prioritize cohesive marketing strategies, we will also help you create a fully automated sales funnel design plan that drives action. This will ease people through your sales funnel, makes adjustments, and win more business.

Sales Funnel Automation

Create a StoryBrand Sales Funnel Design

A top-notch StoryBrand sales funnel design is critical for those who want to remain competitive. Now that you know how these funnels can help to drive interest among your target audience, it’s time to start leading people from awareness to action.

Evolve Global Marketing is dedicated to helping you leverage story-based marketing strategies to target your ideal customer. Automated sales funnels are one of our best offerings, so schedule a no-pressure call with our experts to discuss your specific needs.

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