Revamp Online Course & Build Complete Sales Funnel

The New Mom School is on a mission to help make the transition to being a new mom a little easier with their in-person and online courses. When they approached us, they had an online course, but needed an expert to come in and look at it, then build a sales funnel accordingly. That’s where Evolve came in. We revamped the entire course, built and automated a sales funnel to drive course sales, and created and implemented a marketing strategy for a sales landing page. The New Mom School needed a strategy, sales funnel, messaging, and branding that worked, and we were happy to work alongside them to accomplish their goals.


Revamp an online course to improve the user experience and create marketing that will drive leads and sales.


An amazing online course, a complete sales funnel and branded sales landing page on WordPress with powerful story-based messaging, and a marketing strategy that would help engage clients moving forward.


Sales Landing Page
Email Automations
Sales Funnels

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