An Automated Sales Funnel for an Educator Who Helps Low-Income & Black Children Become Stronger Readers

Do you remember learning how to read? Our guess is probably not. While literacy may seem like a given, there are many children and families across the United States who struggle with reading. When a child struggles to read, they can fall behind in school, miss out on critical thinking development, and struggle to get the scores they need to progress. That’s why Dr. Kathy Dames created The Intellectual Bookshop, a company focused on giving parents and teachers the resources they need to help kids read at grade level and beyond. Dr. Dames has had incredible success with those who have purchased books from her library; she truly knows what kids need to improve their reading. While her product was already set and finished, Dr. Dames needed an automated sales funnel to help capture leads and nurture them into sales. We started with the StoryBrand framework and brand strategy and ended with an automated sales funnel, sales landing pages, and an email nurture campaign. When she came to us in need of marketing support, we were excited to dive in and help create the marketing that she needs to get her products to more families and teachers.


While she knew she needed the support, Dr. Dames was hesitant to trust just anyone with her marketing, especially as it requires an investment. After speaking with her, she put her trust in us to help her accomplish her goals by clarifying her message and using that new message across her website and emails.


Dr. Dames was overjoyed with the results of our work with her. By tapping into the power of storytelling, we created a brand message that is clear and truly speaks to both parents and educators in one consistent message. Her LeadPages landing pages and Infuisonsoft/Keap emails use this messaging to illustrate to parents and teachers how her bookshop can help children improve their reading. And, of course, they are all integrated using the wonderful Zapier. Dr. Dames expressed to us that she could never have clarified her message in the way that we did, and we were delighted to hear that our proven process and framework was successful again!


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