Rebrand for a Non-Profit Serving Underprivileged Black Communities

The Black Ecosystem is a non-profit that is powerful and passionate about serving and assisting low-income Black communities. They have so many different programs for different age groups, all centered around the Black community in Chicago, and they came to us struggling to figure out how to put everything they do into one clear message. They needed to clarify their brand messaging so that they could get more funding and volunteers, and we were so excited to work with them so that they can continue to serve their community. First, we took them through the 7-part StoryBrand framework to create the brand messaging that we then used to write and design their Brand Identity Guide. During the process, we focused on telling their story in one consistent way that spoke to potential donors, volunteers, and community members. Then, we used the same clear and powerful brand messaging to create a website wireframe for their homepage. We loved working with The Black Ecosystem to help them with their brand identity in a way that will allow them to do what they do best and support more low-income Black communities.


Clarify branding for a non-profit that serves low-income Black communities by consolidating everything they do into one consistent message to attract more donors and volunteers.


The Black Ecosystem’s new brand messaging is clear, concise, and powerful. We are confident that when implemented, their new branding will allow them to attract more donors and volunteers to better support the community that they work with.


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