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Sleepwise Consulting is passionate about helping their customers help their children sleep. They came to Evolve Global Marketing with a huge problem: Sleepwise Consulting’s CRM system and automation wasn’t allowing them to see who was purchasing and who wasn’t. They were using various systems and had a lot of manual pulls instead of a fully automated process. We started by designing a user experience for them. By moving them from 17hats and Mailchimp to Infusionsoft and automating their processes, we consolidated their systems so they were able to track the experience of a customer from website visit to sale. Then, we created all new products and automated their email campaigns within Acuity, WordPress, and Infusionsoft. Ultimately, Evolve Global Marketing’s work centered around creating a user experience that flowed for customers and their consultants, allowing Sleepwise Consulting to streamline their process, track business to make better decisions, and help their customers more.


Determine why Sleepwise Consulting couldn’t track their sales and fix the problem through integrations and automations.


Sleepwise Consulting’s new user experience and streamlined flow allows them to easily track their customers and manage their business. We’re so glad we could help them help their customers!


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User Experience

“No delay in the work and always willing to communicate. Great resource!”

– Aaron Pitts, COO & Owner

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