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Rick Maurer is a Fortune 500 speaker and educator who approached us needing assistance with a course and webinar launch. When we came on board, Rick’s course was on Ruzuku. Choosing the right platform can be hard, and we were there to help. After understanding his objectives better, we saw that Kajabi was the best platform for him and built out the course there. To market his online course, we launched a webinar, inclusive of a complete automated sales campaign. 

Our approach was holistic and touched every aspect of course build from automation to marketing strategy.


Figure out Rick Maurer & Associates’ objectives, choose a platform, build out an online course and webinar, and build out and implement a marketing strategy. 


After building out the webinar and sales campaign for it, Rick Maurer & Associates maxed out their webinar registrations at 200 subscribers, and had over 100 people attend. We built out their course on Kajabi, the perfect platform for their unique needs, informed by our expertise in online courses and marketing strategy. 


Marketing Strategy
Email Automations
Sales Funnels
Online Course Design
Webinar Creation

“I was desperate. I needed to get a new online course finished and up and running. I was great with the content of my course, but there were so many other moving parts – creating mailing campaigns, tracking orders, designing the learning platform including slides, and lots more. And I am not skilled in any of those areas. Kimjera handled all of these tasks extremely well. When I messed up, she remained calm, and showed me how we could keep things moving. In many ways, I feel like she has been a partner in this endeavor, and I appreciate having her “on my team.” So, you ask, would you recommend her? Yes, in a heartbeat.” 

~ Rick Maurer

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