Bringing Luxury Bed Sheets to Life Through Brand Messaging

RawLove Organix is an ecommerce brand that sells luxury, 100% organic bed sheets. When they came to us, they were brand new and ready to launch their incredible products. Their request was a common one: They wanted a brand story with brand messaging and website copy to match that helped them stand out from others and illustrated to the world just how amazing it is to have organic, luxury bed sheets. Often, eCommerce business owners fail to articulate the problem their customers are facing, only posting pictures of their products on their website without strong copy. RawLove Organix knew that they needed both strong brand messaging and design, and we were happy to work alongside them to help them achieve their goals.


Create unique brand messaging and website homepage copy for a luxury organic bed sheet company. The messaging needed to speak to their customers in a way that would get them to understand why it is so desirable to have luxury bed sheets and get them to take action and buy.


We helped bring RawLove Organix’s brand identity to life by developing their brand messaging, tagline, elevator pitch, and website homepage copy. The brand identity creatively articulates the experience that someone can have before and after buying luxury bed sheets, and will help their potential customers click that “Buy Now” button.


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