Totally Incredibly Effective Sales Funnel For A Mama Brand Helping Parents Raise Little Talkers

For parents wanting to play an active part in their children’s speech and language development, it can feel frustrating when your child isn’t meeting basic milestones. Just ask Melissa, a licensed speech-language pathologist, mother, and founder of Raising Little Talkers. Using her 10+ years of experience as a speech therapist, she created a series of courses to give parents actionable strategies to help their babies and toddlers communicate earlier and more often.


Melissa came to us with a massive social media following, and people regularly buying her mini-course through her Instagram channel. But she didn’t have a way to properly capture the funnel of leads, and was instead spending substantial amounts of time every week answering messages and directing potential customers to the right areas to buy her courses. In other words, she was doing all the heavy lifting that a good sales funnel should do.


After discussing all the available software options out there, we agreed that ClickFunnels™ was the right tool for her business, and went to work building a comprehensive sales funnel. We reviewed and revised all of her emails, helping her add video, an opt-in page, and a sales page, also using Wix and ConvertKit tools along the way. After we were done, Melissa’s business was set up to flow straight from her social media account, where potential buyers could download the lead generator and automatically get sent into the sales landing page. Totally automated, incredibly effective. In short, we were able to get her time back, and boost her flow of traffic substantially. Now that’s worth talking about.


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