Website Re-Do for an Innovative Sportswear eCommerce Brand

Sports injuries are common, and unfortunately, can sometimes be detrimental. Radically Active wants kids to enjoy playing sports and parents to feel comfortable that their children will be safe from head injuries. Filling an important gap, Radically Active has created protective wear for kids using their patented shock-absorbing technology. While they have incredible products, their old website was not producing sales. Without clear and effective messaging on their website they were not getting the sales they needed.  Evolve Global Marketing re-did Radically Active’s website with StoryBrand messaging. Now, they have an awesome new Shopify website that leverages the power of storytelling and clearly communicates the value of their products to the customers.


Get them a clear message that will produce more sales and then convert it to their website through copywriting, design, and development on Shopify.


An incredible website that really pops, demonstrating the risk of head injuries with sports and how Radically Active’s unique patented products improve safety on and off the field.


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