Helping a Professional Psychic Stand Out Through StoryBrand

Quality Choices is a business providing professional psychic readings to help clients gain clarity and improve their lives. They’ve had a thriving practice for over 30 years but needed to stand out from all of the other psychic practices and wanted to do that using StoryBrand. That’s where we came in! We started by taking them through the 7-part StoryBrand framework. We then used that messaging to write and design their Brand Messaging Guide and lead generator, and write, design, and develop their new automated sales funnel and website homepage. All of these assets use the StoryBrand framework so that Quality Choices can set themselves apart from their competitors and attract clients using the power of story. During this process, we realized that Quality Choices could benefit from pricing their services differently, so we advised them on a new pricing strategy. Additionally, when they originally came to us, their SEO wasn’t working the way they wanted it to. Our team jumped in to make the changes to their SEO and mobile website they needed to truly thrive in optimizing their search engine results.


Differentiate a Professional Psychic from all of the other businesses offering psychic readings using the power of story.


Quality Choices’ new brand messaging is strong and consistent across various channels, including their lead generator, website homepage, and automated sales funnel. By using the power of story, Quality Choices will be able to attract more clients and help more people gain clarity in their lives, as well as stand out from the other psychics in the field. We’re so happy we could help them achieve their goals!


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