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Finding a good therapist is hard. Just ask the founders of PSYCHe, a private network of online therapists throughout the country. They’ve been screening, hiring, training, and supervising therapists for over a decade, but not just any therapists. The right ones. What’s more, PSYCHe’s brand is anything but conventional. They balance compassionate concern with a cheeky sass and spitfire honesty. In other words: they’re our kind of people.


PSYCHe’s team came to us looking to utilize the StoryBrand framework for their messaging. The challenge: how to leverage their direct, not to mention occasionally blunt approach to messaging, while balancing an overall strategy that effectively won over their target audience. Because a little attitude can go a long way.


We put together a truly compelling story framework as well as an overall strategy for them, and then went to work implementing it into new website copy. The voice: totally original and totally theirs. The takeaway: an authentic, heartfelt invitation to experience a better approach to online therapy. The new site, with its elegant design and original voice, is a huge step forward for the company – and the growing number of clients they’ve been to reach as a result. Analyze that!


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