Short Term Leasing & Vacation Rental Company Creates A Unique Brand Messaging To Set Them Apart

National Stays provides short-term-rental management for homeowners and investors in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Most homeowners & real estate investors know they could make more money on platforms like Airbnb rather than renting to a long-term tenant, they just don’t want the hassle of housekeeping, guest communication, and marketing. National Stays does all of that and more for the owner or investor.


The market of short term rentals and real estate investing is crowded and the property management is swarming with DIY’ers, real estate agents, and digital platforms. It is difficult for a brand to cut through the noise and reach the target market of homeowners and real estate investors looking for options in the short term rental space. Furthermore, the brand’s ideal client may not even realize yet, or have considered the pros to short term and vacation rentals over long term leasing. This is one of the many reasons National Stays set out to find a marketing agency who specializes in StoryBrand marketing and messaging.


Evolve Global Marketing worked to distinguish the differences in National Stays from other property management companies and helped establish that unique brand position in their messaging. After guiding them through our proven brand messaging process we were able to deliver a brand story as a clear and effective marketing tool that can be distributed across marketing platforms and channels to communicate with their ideal clients. Now National Stays can stand apart as the only property management company in Alexandria Virginia that provides memorable guest experiences and profitable returns for homeowners and real estate investors who want to stop wasting money on a long-term lease and start building wealth through short-term rentals in a time when people are living their best life and traveling more than ever.


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