A Cohesive Website & Re-Branding

Mary-Meduna Gross is a business coach who came to Evolve Global Marketing seeking a marketing team to create a logo for her new podcast and develop her website on WordPress. The unique part of working with this client was that they had worked with marketing teams in the past and found that the process wasn’t as collaborative as they wanted. They were looking to be an active part and be heard throughout the marketing process — that’s why we were a perfect fit. We designed an amazing new logo for their podcast and then took them through the 7-part StoryBrand framework to create impactful website copy that tells a clear story. Finally, we designed and developed their website on WordPress. We worked collaboratively with them throughout the whole process, start to finish, and it made all the difference.


Mary-Meduna was burnt-out and underwhelmed from a previous consultant. First, we needed to support them in overcoming this past experience. Next, collaborate to Design a new custom logo for a podcast launch, write, design, and develop a website on WordPress using the StoryBrand framework.


Mary-Meduna Gross was thrilled with both the collaborative process and the outcome. They now have a logo designed to reflect their new podcast and a powerful website that will help them gain more customers.


Logo & Icon Design
Story-Based Messaging
Website Design & Development

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