A Brilliant Entrepreneur And Her Amazing Startup Ecommerce Brand Come To Life With Brand Messaging & A WordPress Website

Kompashion is a startup ecommerce company started by Maria Case and her husband Brian. After struggling for years with her own physical and emotional trauma, Maria started this compassion driven gift box company. She believes the first step for anyone healing from trauma is compassion.


Kompashion was just an idea when Maria sought out Evolve Global Marketing for assistance. She had a powerful personal story that carried over into her start up business. She knew she could impact lives, but wasn’t sure how to brand her new company and bring it to market. Since Kompashion was a start up business she was starting from scratch and also required a logo and website.


Evolve Global Marketing and Maria Case worked collaboratively to bring her passion and ideas to life for the business Kompashion. We were able to establish a unique position in the market for Kompashion as the only gift box company offering products and services for women who have experienced physical and emotional trauma so they can share their story with someone they love and also spread the companshion. Once the brand message was created Evolve Global Marketing went to work on creating a new logo and website that was effective and aesthetically pleasing to the brand.


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