Build a Clear Brand Message for a $500M Company

Henry Company is a leading provider of Building Envelope Systems with thousands of products and clients. They came to us struggling with communicating one clear message to their customers about their brand. They wanted to use StoryBrand to tell their story, define their villain, and create clarity in their message. We worked directly with their Chief Marketing Officer and marketing leadership team. Together we took them through our brand identity process and created their new company messaging. The final version was a lot different from what they expected and done on their own and they were so overjoyed and impressed with how the StoryBrand process can be so impactful!


Henry Company struggled to tell their brand story in a powerful way. They tried to implement story-based marketing on their own but couldn’t create one clear message.


Henry Company was blown away with how even with thousands of products, we turned their brand messaging into one succinct, clear, and powerful story. They were so excited with how the work came together and we can’t wait to see how the power of story impacts their business!


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