Launching a Real Estate Recruitment Start-Up With Story-Based Marketing

When real estate agents start their own businesses, they usually do so with the intention of spending time with their clients…not spending time trying to find people to join their team. Growth Minded Talent Solutions was founded by a phenomenal former real estate agent who identified a gap in the industry. Real estate agents are ready to grow their business, but they cannot find suitable talent to join them. They don’t have the time or expertise to figure out how to find, hire, and train them. Growth Minded Talent Solutions helps real estate professionals hire proven and emerging talent so they can grow their business. The owner came to us with her start-up ready to launch, but she needed a website, automated sales funnel, logo, and marketing materials. We absolutely loved helping Growth Minded Talent Solutions develop their brand identity including a custom logo and lead generating PDF, build out their website on LeadPages, and create their automated sales funnel on Keap/Infusionsoft. By the time we were finished with them, Growth Minded Talent Solutions was ready to launch their amazing business and had the digital marketing solutions they needed to succeed.


Strategize, create, and execute on the website, sales funnel and marketing assets needed to launch a brand new real estate recruitment start-up. All of the messaging needed to clearly communicate the problem that Growth Minded Talent Solutions solves, and how they do it. As a unique business in this industry, their potential clients may not even recognize that this is a problem, so the messaging needed to be simple and clear, yet incredibly effective. Similarly, the logo, design, and marketing assets needed to be reflective of the brand identity.


Starting with strategy, we created an incredible brand identity for Growth Minded Talent Solutions, inclusive of story-based brand messaging and a customized and unique logo. Then, we used these assets to continue onwards, writing their website then going on to design and develop it on LeadPages, creating social media graphics, and creating an email nurture campaign automated on Keap/Infusionsoft, complete with a lead generating PDF. Of course, we tied it all together by integrating everything with Zapier, so they never have to worry about the tech. All in all, we absolutely loved working with Growth Minded Talent Solutions to launch their business and they were delighted with their choice in Evolve Global Marketing!


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