Brand Identity, Homepage Copy, and Video Trailer Script For Online Interactive Course

What an amazing concept to blend education, imagination, and creativity into activities to promote child development. And better yet, make the activities on demand so the whole family can participate and share in memorable learning experiences. Fairy School does all of that and so much more through their educational course. As amazing as it sounds, they had trouble selling the course during their first year online. They knew they had something special for parents and their children, but had an unclear brand message and needed help defining their story and even their packaging and pricing.
Evolve Global Marketing helped Fairy School realize their own magic in their brand story. By defining their unique brand identity and the messaging using the StoryBrand process, we were able to share the benefits of their online course to the parents and little fairys who would become their loyal customers and raving fans. After creating the perfect brand message, elevator pitch, and tagline, we then tackled copy for their homepage. Now, Fairy School has an effective homepage on their website that converts course sales by presenting a clear message to the customer.


Fairy School brand messaging did not adequately communicate the amazing benefits of their course, especially the intangibles. On top of that, being an online business with an online course, they needed a homepage that would convert sales by telling the customer all of the positive outcomes they could experience with their course.


Now Fairy School’s potential customers learn exactly how they and their children will benefit from the course when they visit the homepage. They understand how Fairy School will help them create magical memories and learning experiences for their little ones. As a Certified StoryBrand, Evolve Global Marketing developed their brand identity with clear and creative messaging that is not only magical like Fairy School, but most importantly, effective.


Brand Identity
Story Brand
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Evolve Global Marketing is brilliant. Let's just start there. The team was able to help our company hone our branding, pinpoint our target audience, and prepare every facet of our business to take it to market. All of that and they helped make the process fun. I'd recommend Kimjera, Jessica, and their team in a heartbeat.

Sasha Dylan BellSilver Street Inc. Fairy School

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