An Outdated Technology Broker Website Brought to Life With Storytelling

Capital Bandwidth is a small family business that acts as a broker between technology companies and businesses. When a business’ technology is outdated, the business is moving, or they just need a new tech solution, Capital Bandwidth is there to help. The best part? Their services are absolutely free. Capital Bandwidth has been in business for over 12 years and their website has been around since then, too. They came to us in need of a website and brand messaging revamp, and we got to work. It was important to make sure that the messaging we created reflected Capital Bandwidth’s uniqueness as compared to their competitors so that their WIX website and marketing helped them stand out among the others, and that’s exactly what we accomplished.


We needed to illustrate Capital Bandwidth’s uniqueness and superior service-level to potential customers using brand messaging that tells a story so that they could stand out against their competitors. Then, that powerful messaging needed to be worked into a website with great design and flawless development to bring their site into a modern look so they could capture more sales online.


When potential customers go to Capital Bandwidth’s website now, they’re more likely to actually become customers. That’s because now, it’s clear to anyone who visits their website what Capital Bandwidth does and how they can help businesses accomplish their technology goals with their impeccable service. Capital Bandwidth was incredibly happy with the results and loved following our proven process and framework.


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