Create Brand Identity Guide & Messaging, Website Copy, and Website Design for Health Coach/Weight Loss Professional

Brian Gryn is a health coach and weight loss professional who helps middle-aged men achieve their body goals through intermittent fasting, clean eating, and exercise. He came to us needing new brand messaging, overall brand strategy, and the copy & design for his website homepage.

We love working with clients who need a brand update so we were excited to get started! We went through our brand strategy and discovery process to help Brian come up with new positioning for his brand by taking him through the 7-part StoryBrand framework and then developing his new strategy for his clients to create a program that would allow them to choose their own pathway to healthy living.  Then, we wrote the copy and designed a new website homepage to equip him with a more impactful website with story-based marketing.  Although his website homepage is not implemented yet (more to do on the backend to make the entire program work), he is ready to hit the ground running when the time is right.


Help Brian develop a new brand strategy to create a unique position in the marketplace and get more sales. 


Brian now has a complete Brand Messaging Guide with his new brand messaging and positioning, and a new website homepage. We’re confident that his conversion rate will increase and his business will grow once he implements the new program.


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