Kimjera was awesome. We worked together for a couple of months where she helped with a few things but the following had an immense impact: 1) Recommendation of the "one bar, big impact" phrase has literally been the inspiration behind our new packaging! 2) Rehauling our home page so that I no longer need a landing page. I used to pay for a $20/month service to host a landing page and no longer need that! 3) Helping us figure out how to modify our old Shopify theme to have features that I liked in a new theme. I loved working with Kimjera because she was enthusiastic, completely understood our business value prop/challenges, and on her very first call came with a list of diagnosed things to tackle. In my view, that alone was worth half of the money I spent with her. She brought life to some things I'd never thought about.

Jessie Y.Bare Soaps