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In the moments when we are confined to our homes, we can still find easy ways to connect with our team and customers. Keep reading to learn the six ways to connect during a crisis, examples, and useful links to get you started.

  1. Have a virtual lunch with your team or customers on Zoom
  2. Learn something new using online learning resources
  3. Send out email campaigns to your customers
  4. Utilize social media
  5. Create a virtual book club with your team
  6. Create a free PDF for your customers

Here Are 6 Ways To Connect During A Crisis:

1. Have A Virtual Lunch With Your Team On Zoom

Being able to see someone’s face makes the interaction more authentic than just a phone call. During a crisis, it is still essential to put some face time in with your team and customers. Zoom is the perfect platform to use because of its many features such as chatbox and share screen.

2. Learn Something New Using Online Learning Resources

This is a great time to learn how to market your business better or improve any other business skill. There are many online learning resources; some good options are LinkedIn Learning and SkillShare.

3. Send Out Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are always a useful marketing tool but especially come in handy during a crisis. Send out emails with simple text and captivating images. Most importantly, inform your contacts of what changes your business is going through and how they can continue to do business with you.

4. Utilize Social Media

Now is a better time than ever to post creative, inspiring, and helpful content to keep your company at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

5. Create a Virtual Book Club With Your Team

There are so many inspiring business books out there. Take this time to pick one, read it, and discuss it with your team. Not sure where to start to create a virtual book club? Read this!

6. Create A Free PDF For Your Customers

PDF’s are great lead generators and can help grow your email list. Instead of putting the lead generator on your website, add the link to your social media pages and have users exchange their email address for the downloadable PDF.

This is not an exhaustive list, but merely a starting point. Hopefully, this inspires you how on to connect during a crisis. We encourage you to leave a comment with any other tips that come to mind so we can help each other out.

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