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It is no secret that COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone’s lives, from affecting jobs and education to day-to-day activities. With all the changes happening in the world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially when it comes to running your business. There’s no doubt you can apply these tips and keep your business moving during COVID-19.

Government regulations have resulted in a large number of companies shutting their doors, but some have found creative and innovative methods to stay open. During this time, you have to think differently and think fast.

Here are four tips to keep your business moving during COVID-19 and help you, as a business owner, alleviate some stress (yes, even in a pandemic).

  1. Connect through video
  2. Utilize social
  3. Grow your email list
  4. Sell online

Here Are 4 Tips To Keep Your Business Moving During COVID-19:

1. Connect Through Video

Don’t let social distancing keep you from meeting with clients and employees. We know it has been challenging, but luckily, technology will still allow you to meet at a distance! Take advantage of video conferencing sites such as Zoom and meet with anyone who has a web camera and the Internet (which is basically everyone).

Now is not the time to make your clients and employees think you forgot about them, so put on a decent outfit (yea, we’ve been in our PJ’s for weeks, too!), and get on a video call!

2. Utilize Social Media

Many business owners have a difficult time figuring out how to use social media to reach their audience. If you’re like most, you have extra time on your hands right now; time to learn how to utilize social media for your business! With ONE BILLION people on Facebook, we suggest starting there, as it’s likely your audience makes up some of that one billion. What’s really great, is Facebook offers free courses to help you learn.

Consider providing your audience with free tips, relevant information, and posts about how your business is affected by COVID-19. Here are a few more ideas:

  1. Start a video live and update your audience about what’s going on in your business’s day-to-day and what changes you’ve had to make.
  2. Post new hours or contact information.
  3. Create ads to generate leads and reach your specific target audience.

3. Grow Your Email List

Take this time to focus on how you can generate leads. With people spending more time on the Internet, you have the opportunity to connect with more potential customers. Follow these steps and watch your email list grow:

  1.  Create content that entices your customers to want to learn more about the product or service you offer.
  2.  Generate leads with a “sign up” or “download” button that exchanges information for users’ email addresses.
  3.  Build nurture email campaigns to stay connected and turn your leads into customers.

4. Sell Online

If you weren’t online before, you need to be now. It’s easier than ever to get your business up and running as an e-commerce store, even if you’re not a coder! For a business that sells products, we suggest using Shopify .

What about if you sell a service? Well, now is the time to create valuable content! For example, if you have an interior design business and because of social distancing and regulations, you’re not able to go to your clients’ homes, you could spend your time writing how-to articles (how-to design a modern living room, for example). Your blog will allow you to generate more leads, and if (WHEN!) your content becomes popular, you could sell a course or put ads on your site. Our favorite course builder is LearnDash; it’s simple to use and will work on any WordPress website.

Here’s a list of ideas to get online, regardless of the type of business you’re in:

  1. Sell online
  2. Sell e-courses
  3. Create how-to videos
  4. Create a blog
  5. Add your services to a delivery app (GrubHubDoordashUber eats, Postmates)

If none of these ideas fit for your business, shoot us an email to with the subject “COVID BUSINESS” and let us help figure out how you can continue your unique business during this difficult time.

We hope these tips helped and gave you some ideas on how to adjust your business to the current situation. For more helpful advice and resources, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn. 

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