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When a business markets a product or service they offer, there should be two focal points. One, they have a solution to a prospective client’s problem – you can and want to help them. Or two, they want to increase sales. How exactly does selling transform your client connection, you ask? Keep reading and we’ll break it down for you.

If you look at a human under a (metaphorical) microscope, you would see that we are actually pretty simple beings. People like structure, familiarity, growth, connection and love, identity, significance, and purpose. Why is this important, you might ask? Based on the basic core needs of humanity, we can learn a prospective client’s behaviors in order to market to them in ways that will resonate with them. After all, businesses are solutions to a client’s problems (and it doesn’t have to feel like business!). 

1. Structure & Familiarity Build Trust

In a world that is constantly changing, it can be difficult for people to find that inherent need for structure that they are seeking. You repeatedly shop at your favorite stores because you are familiar with their products and you visit the same hairstylist for the same reasons… They deliver the same quality of products or services every time and you trust them!

While a need for consistency and connection are important aspects of human nature, there is more that a business can do to tend to those needs then you might initially think. By providing excellent customer service consistently and truly connecting with your clients by making them feel heard, they, in return, trust us, and we as a business can nurture and grow that relationship with our clients. 

2. Growth Inspires Connection

Much like a business, people are often searching for growth, whether that be personal, economic, or the like. In marketing, we can help a client’s business grow by delivering a clear message to their customers. Yep, it really is as simple as a clear message.

Often times, marketers miss what might seem most obvious, and in this instance, that is a clear message! When we are open and transparent with our clients (current or prospective), it builds trust and engages them to where they see us as an entity that has a direct solution to their needs. Once that trust is built, and sometimes it is not an easy feat, we can build them a fool-proof plan to help show them that working with us is easy and will deliver results.

3. Connection & Love Inspire Action

Like we briefly mentioned under Structure & Familiarity Build Trust, connection and love are core parts of being human. By tapping into this knowledge, we can mindfully connect with our clients in a way that differs from our competitors. We are genuinely interested in helping our clients grow, and we make that clear from the start.

Marketers are people too, and we understand the risks you are taking – both professionally and personally – when you trust a marketing agency with how your business is showcased to prospective customers. And the connection you create with your clients doesn’t have to feel like business. We see you at face value and want you to see us the same.

4. Brand Identity Cultivates Compassion

The identity you create for your clients, and even your own business, is crucial to its overall success. Brand identity can be defined as different characteristics by which you and your services are known. Let’s look at Target as an example: Expect More. Pay Less. Right off the bat, they are letting you know that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the price. Target is a mega center for all things convenient, modern, and affordable.

Why does their branding work so well? The answer is so simple: it offers a direct (and quite satisfactory) solution to a customer’s problem: products being more expensive at other stores. We want to help our clients be as authentic as possible when creating their brand identity so that customers will see right through their problem to your solution. Check out this blog to learn more about the importance of properly branding your business.

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5. Significance Is Key

Why is it so important that a business is recognized as significant? When a business has a significant presence, they possess authority in their respective markets. This allows businesses to reach a wider audience and ultimately build more brand loyalty.

What does this mean for your business? By delivering a clear message to your client’s audience, you are creating an authentic line of communication. Which in turn engages your client’s customer base by allowing them to directly see your business as a direct solution to their problem.

6. Lead With Purpose

Purpose has many facets in business. Purpose can give you a competitive edge in your market, inspire innovation within your team, and increase brand trust and loyalty.

On the flip side of that, customers have an innate ability to feel drawn to purpose. People enjoy things that feel meaningful, and being a useful solution to a customer’s problem feels pretty useful to us. So while benefiting your business for the long-term, you are also building a trusting relationship with your client and their customers.

Our Guidance…

By shifting your focus to solving a client’s problem, you are removing selling and the stigmas that come with it. Your business automatically stands out from the crowd, and delivering a clear message creates transparency for prospective clients. When you open that door, you are encouraging the client to feel curious about your company and services. By having a strong brand identity and selling with purpose, you are building a company that can stand the test of time.

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Happy Evolving!

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